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We recognise the importance of cultural and faith sensitivity and inclusivity in reproductive healthcare. We understand that cultural and faith beliefs, values, and practices can significantly influence individuals' experiences and perceptions of infertility, birth trauma, pregnancy loss and child loss.

We offer bespoke support to businesses, not-for-profits and government to draft new materials or review existing materials, with a focus on the inclusivity of cultural and faith diverse communities impacted by birth trauma, infertility, pregnancy loss and infant loss.

Additionally, we offer consultations on women's and mental health, ensuring that services related to pregnancy and childbirth are culturally competent and responsive.

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Speaking Engagements


Dr. Fatima El-Assaad has extensive experience with public speaking and adds value with her unique lived experience of birth trauma, miscarriage and still birth. Drawing upon the wealth of experiences gathered from The Still Nest podcast, she imparts crucial and nuanced insights into the influence of faith and culture on pregnancy and childbirth.


Dr. Fatima El-Assaad adeptly puts panelists at ease while encouraging them to delve deeper and explore uncharted experiences. She skillfully integrates and addresses the topics discussed, blending them seamlessly.

Please contact us for any further inquiries regarding Dr Fatima El-Assaad's suitability as a speaker for your event.

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